Carrdus School


Carrdus School is an independent day preparatory school for girls and boys aged 3-11, just outside Banbury and within easy reach of the villages of Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and South Warwickshire.

For over 60 years it has encouraged pupils to make a confident, happy start to school life, finding and developing their areas for success.  Founded by Kathleen Carrdus in 1952 at St John’s House, Banbury, the school moved to Overthorpe Hall in 1970 where it has continued to grow and thrive.  It started with 9 pupils and now has over 140, together with more than 40 staff. 

Carrdus School was acquired by Tudor Hall in 2011 and established as Carrdus School Ltd a separate company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. In 2014 Carrdus School was fully merged with Tudor Hall and Carrdus School Ltd was wound up.

The Schools have a mutually supportive and collaborative approach to ensuring the continued strength and individuality of each school.