Development at Tudor


Very few English boarding schools for girls can trace their origins as far back as Tudor Hall. Although the school could never have been founded with its future mapped out, it was guided by people of vision with a far-sighted interest in girls’ education. From its earliest beginnings in 1850, the school offered an education of greater depth and range than was typical, and placed an emphasis on the individual.

These two core principles continue to sit at the heart of the school – the importance of a broad, well-balanced and high standard of education for girls in the best facilities available, and a focus on the development of each girl as an individual, encouraged to achieve her intellectual, physical and creative potential and fostered emotionally and spiritually.

Like many girls’ schools, Tudor does not benefit from a capital endowment, so philanthropic giving is central to the ongoing success of our bursary programme and development of the school's facilities. Indeed when the school briefly closed in 1935, it was Old Tudorians who resurrected it, approaching Nesta Inglis, herself an OT, to take over the school. Nesta in her turn was responsible for the first fundraising appeal, requesting leavers in 1937 to donate chairs for the school dining room!

We are fortunate to have a hugely supportive community of current and former parents, alumnae and friends of the school, who share our passion for Tudor Hall’s continued progress. Their charitable gifts continue to facilitate our Bursary programme, capital projects, and improvements to the school environment benefitting both current and future generations of Tudorians.

As Nesta wrote in 1946, echoing the words of the school prayer “So, whatever and wherever the buildings, the tradition and purpose remain, and each generation is responsible both to the past and to the future for the maintenance and enriching of those standards.”

If you share this vision and would like to contribute, please contact Rachel Graves, Head of Development and Alumnae Relations (01295 756287 or or visit our Ways of Giving page.