The Vs (15+)


The Vs’ boarding house is the home to all year 11 girls at Tudor Hall.

The Vs’ boarding house is purpose built with a central common room that is at the very heart of the house. The girls use this space to socialise, relax, meet with their friends, tutors and teaching staff and to start to develop their culinary skills! The set-up in the Vs’ promotes greater freedom and allows the girls to become more independent whether using the kitchen, laundry room or working independently in their dorms for the first time. The boarders share dorms in groups of three or four and the day girls are fully integrated into the house with their own personal work-space.

There is a warm, supportive and purposeful atmosphere which allows the girls to focus on working towards their GCSEs whilst enjoying all aspects of this formative year of their school life too. Co-curricular activities are strongly encouraged as they are so important for developing self-worth, qualities such as resilience and commitment and helping the girls to achieve a very healthy balance in their lives, so critical for positive mental health; taking time away from their desk and books is a really important part of life for the girls in the Vs.  Weekends allow for a perfect blend of work, rest and play! The trips and activities are planned to encourage the girls to come together to relax, laugh and have some fun either at school or further afield. Pub lunches, the cinema, Go karting, fitness classes, theatre and a spa day are just some of the activities on offer throughout the year. We know that the senior girls look back with fond memories of their time in the Vs as they work hard, develop their academic confidence, have a lot of fun and forge even greater bonds with their friends and staff.

What do the girls think?

I loved the independence of being able to work in our dorms for prep and study periods, and the desk beds were great! Lian

What I enjoyed most about the Vs house is getting through my GCSE year with all my friends surrounding me as well as having lots of support from staff at all times. Bea

There is always someone around to give advice and make sure that you are always supported. Emily

Although the fives is one of the most stressful years, it didn’t feel like that at all. The amount of fun and amazing support given by the house staff, the tutor team and SMT has made it my favourite year at Tudor so far. Freya

Mrs Duncan-Jones, Vs Housemistress

I am delighted to be Housemistress of the Vs. It is a fantastic school year, with an inevitable focus on working towards your GCSEs but much fun to be had too! My husband, Mr Duncan (Teacher of PE) and I have taught in schools both here in England and also in New Zealand and as active members of the PE department it comes as no surprise that our main hobby is sport! We also both enjoy travelling overseas and family holidays in Cornwall and Devon. As part of our family come our two little boys, Huw (7 years old) and Lloyd (5 years old), who are both very excited to meet you and play with you all! They are both at school so you won’t see them much through the week but at the weekend they are fully involved in the life of the boarding house.

Claudette Povey, Vs Deputy Housemistress

I joined Tudor in September 2020 as Vs Deputy Housemistress.